The Veteran Market is a e-commerce platform where verified veterans and military spouses and businesses can set up shop online to sell products and services to those who want to buy from those who have served and sacrificed for our country. The Veteran Market will harness the formidable power of the collective veteran business community into one marketplace.

We believe in the power of the veteran community and how much it can achieve when bonded together rather than operating individually. The Veteran Market was created by veterans and for veterans and their families to provide a collective outlet for entrepreneurs who have served this great country as well as a forum for anyone who wants to “buy Veteran,” but can’t find certified veteran-owned businesses or a single online location with a diverse variety of veteran community products and services. With so many “stolen valor” and disreputable military charities being exposed daily, it can be hard for the average consumer who wants to buy from veterans to find a certified veteran-owned business. The Veteran Market sets out to establish a platform where verified vets and military spouses can easily sell their products and customers can easily find their products and services. It’s a win-win.

We believe that veterans and military spouses shouldn’t be subjected to constant scrutiny about their service, so we set up “Vetrified” to provide a one-time verification that allows veteran-owned businesses to set up shop in The Veteran Market. Vetrified is the verification process that The Veteran Market uses in order to verify military service from the veteran, military retiree, active-duty member, National Guardsmen, Reservist and eligible family members. Vetrified uses organizations such as The American Legion, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Dun and Bradstreet to minimize the burden of sending personal identifiable information to prove military service. Getting Vetrified is a simple one-step process that is listed in detail when a qualifying Veteran/Retiree/Military Spouse registers on the site to create a store to start selling.