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Old Man’s Club, Time is a Bastard Normal-Fit T-shirt
Made by a Veteran

Price : $22.00

Time is a bastard.

You’re born—brought into this world with what the Greeks called “tabula rasa,” meaning a “clean slate.” Then life starts happening. You acquire knowledge. You acquire experience. You acquire wisdom. Your world is starting to shape as you go into your teenage years. That’s when you’ll get your first glimpses of real problems: the girl who breaks your heart, getting cut from a team, or physically hurting yourself during an effort to prove yourself.

Then come your adult years. That’s when the big life experiences start. A few things on that list include:divorce, the loss of someone close, financial ruin, a longtime physical ailment, losing a job, coming to the realization that you’re mortal, seeing something traumatic, etc. But even if you’ve experienced some of these, you’ve also experienced the positives in life: finding true love, creating life, making good money, learning to take care of your body, getting a promotion, making the most out of life, giving back to the people around you, etc.

With everything experience you accumulate, both positive and negative, it shapes who you are. You’ll know when you’re at the point that nothing fazes you anymore—when you’ve seen it all even though you know you haven’t seen it all. It’s at that point you can face any situation with the mindset, “Screw it, let’s take care of this.”

Time is a bastard, and it has made me one.

About US

    Nothing like her anywhere, anytime, in the history of the world.
    Basically, the crazy SOBs that put their lives on the line every day for less pay than they deserve so that we Americans can sit in front of our plasma televisions and watch crappy reality TV shows, drive nice cars, eat great food, and generally not have to worry about anything of substance.
    From George Washington to the newest recruit and everyone else in between - Thank You.
    We’re talking about the people that believe the Fourth of July is more than just an excuse to set off fireworks, that flying the American Flag all year long is a civic duty, that taking the time to send letters to our troops is an honor, and who realize that America wasn’t forged on the backs of journalists, politicians, or campus rallies, but rather through the suffering and discipline of steely-eyed men who refused to accept defeat.
  • DOGS.
    Never trust anyone that doesn’t like dogs. They’re loyal. They’d die for you, and all they want in return is some dried food, some petting, and the occasional piece of bacon.
    We…uhhh…think this is a good idea.
    Honestly, aren't they the reason we do anything?

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